Myths of the Tribe: When Religion and Ethics Diverge

More than two centuries after the Age of Reason culminated in the French Revolution, modern society still operates based on assumptions and attitudes formed by our ancient myths. Propagated by organized religion, these myths not only hamper efforts to apply reason to our problems, but foster violent conflicts that threaten global security

Myths of the Tribe: When Religion and Ethics Diverge illustrates the negative historical impact of our major religions and their detrimental impact on modern society. Author David Rich demonstrates how centuries’ old philosophy, doctrines, and belief systems plague our everyday lives, our political arena, and the way we function in the modern world.

As relevant today as it was when first published by Prometheus Books in 1993, Myths of the Tribe has been updated in its second edition with new data reflecting our views on religion and social mores in the twenty-first century.

Scribes of the Tribe: Our Greatest Thinkers on Religion and Ethics

Our political and religious leaders have failed us.

Despotism is on the rise. Countries teeter on the brink of war, and others smolder within, threatening nuclear standoffs that rattle a world that seems to be spinning out of control. Self-interest and greed hobble our abilities to stand up against these growing threats.

Scribes of the Tribe: Our Greatest Thinkers on Religion and Ethics offers a timely compilation of quotes from Aristotle to Gandhi, interwoven with commentary by the author and a Catholic lay brother. It invites you to contemplate your beliefs, challenge what you’ve been taught, and refine your thinking in the company of the greatest minds the world has ever known.

Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and educated as you reflect on everything you thought you knew. Find answers to life’s Big Questions and explore the root of humanity’s deepest anxieties and fears with this stimulating and entertaining book today!


Antelopes, A Modern Gulliver’s Travels

In the spirit of Gulliver’s Travels, Antelopes is a black comedy and satire illustrated by quotes from our greatest thinkers. Punctuated by an unlucky accident, two Kafka-esque trials, a war of the Antelopes, and a bizarre escape, this tale is perfect for fans of the original tale.

Still reeling from a plane crash, lottery-winning millionaires find themselves stranded on a remote mountain top in Venezuela. These nouveau riche find their luck has run out when they’re captured by an advanced society of antelopes.

Thrust into an unknown world with strange creatures, the survivors are forced to confront their religious, sexual, nationalistic, and racial prejudices – a difficult task for the newly rich.

The ISIS Affair: Putting the Fun Back in Fundamentalism

It’s a Mad, Mad World + Ishtar + Raiders of the Lost Ark = The ISIS Affair


Meet the most unlikely outlaws – two backpacking curmudgeons. This crotchety Brit and ancient American may be the oldest backpackers in the world, but it doesn’t stop them from finding trouble in spades.

Attempting to smuggle priceless world heritage antiquities to safety, they find themselves in the crosshairs of none other than ISIS.

The deadly militants’ best-laid plans are thwarted by the hapless smugglers themselves in this “laugh out loud funny” adventure. If not for a Yazidi Joan of Arc, these aging gents may not survive at all.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this black comedy and satire on religion and nationalism that puts the fun back in fundamentalism.

Happy Customer

The author must have taken years to research and write this book. This is the kind of stuff you really don’t learn in school. Tells about the origins of the world’s major religions and how they correspond to the problems we face today, from illegal drugs to abortion and ethics in general. Absolutely fascinating reading. 

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A very interesting treatise on how ethics & religion are often separated. A fascinating analysis of the history and current application of the major world religions to the ethical problems of today. Reinforced my belief that most organized religions are at the root of the worlds problems regarding military conflicts, terrorism, most types of extremism, and a general disbelief in scientific facts. Well worth the read!

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Author Bio

David Rich is a worldly author who has lived in almost every country on Earth, traveling far and wide. His love of the vagabond life began on his childhood ranch in Colorado when his mother introduced him to music and travel. He then had the opportunity to tour with the fighting 529th Air Force Band, before graduating the University of Colorado and the University of Chicago Law School. After a career as a law professor, trial lawyer, and Assistant Attorney General, David retired in his forties to become a sailing captain, pilot, and full-time traveler. He has since written dozens of travel stories for popular publications, novels, non-fiction books, and absurdly true travel guides.

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