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RV the World: 2nd ed. (Rich World Travels)

KELLY D. Great Tips for Any Global Traveler! February 16, 2020

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Great information for traveling abroad whether you RV or not. Filled with handy traveling tips and anecdotes, a lot of them humorous. Advice on clothing, medical care in a foreign country etc. Many pictures and maps too. If you don't plan on traveling, this is still an interesting book for learning about other countries and cultures!

Philippe M. WOW, fun stuff and very interesting January 26, 2020

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2nd Ed-interesting that you can RV all over the world. but it seems easy and you can swap RVs most anywhere in the world.

dave pitney Good book to help you get started RV the world. December 29, 2019

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I travel all over the world but never thought about doing it with an RV. And especially easy to swap RVs anywhere in the world so no shipping! Funny book too, all the great folks you meet and their stories. Loved it. Get up and go!

4333 November 8, 2019

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Great read! Highly recommend you buy this book!

Morgan Riley Dream Guide September 3, 2018

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Freedom without boarders! For folks contemplating exploring the world or places closer to home and doing it without breaking the bank this book may prove to be invaluable. Like Rich’s first edition of this guide it’s full of great practical info the rookie RVer will want to consider while planning their getaway. The seasoned RVer will not only identify with many of Rich’s observations of life on the road, they will be rewarded with new ideas to improve their future experiences. Unlike many of the books on this lifestyle, Rich offers a view gained from total immersion over many, many years and the accompanying experiences living “classically homeless” has to offer on a world class basis! Add to that the color of his accounts of places on earth he and his wife have visited in their RV and you may find you have discovered your Dream Guide!

Balt Wonderful July 24, 2018

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I have always wanted to travel around the world,around the US . I cannot afford to stay in hotels. This is the way to go. The author gave great advice great stories about his travels and itwas a great read. It has motivated me to just do it!

Ally 333 North America

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My wife and I lived 4 years traveling North America in our motorhome. I belong to several RV Facebook pages as there's always something to learn, plus I found I was actually able to help people given my experience. Anyway, one day I saw a post from David Rich and he happened to mention he had written this book about traveling the world in an RV. I was very curious and downloaded it from Kindle. Well, to say I was blown away is an understatement! He goes into great detail as to how they did this. I would have never believed someone would actually have the courage to do this and live to tell about it. They went to over 100 countries, listed how they would buy a motorhome and live and travel in for 4 years or so traveling various countries, sell the motorhome, go back to Phoenix for a visit and then do it all over again on another continent. I found if very interesting and inspiring, I especially enjoyed the stories about all the adventures they had and interesting people they met along the way. I could really relate, as that was our own experience in our travels. Our own travels came to a halt due to the covid epidemic, but once things settle down, we're going to start out again, but on a smaller scale than we did before. I will however continue to dream and admire what David Rich and his wife were able to do and how he wrote a book about it. I highly recommend this book!

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    David Rich was an assistant AG and law professor, retiring in his 40s to become a full-time traveler, living in almost every country on the planet while writing dozens of travel stories. Myths of the Tribe, when religion and ethics diverge (Prometheus Books 1993) examined the influence of organized religion on ethics, 2nd ed. 2019. RV the World, 2nd ed., 2018, combines his seventeen-year tour of 170 countries with lots of practical advice. In 2019 David wrote The ISIS Affair, a satire on religion and nationalism in Syria and Scribes of the Tribe. our greatest thinkers on religion and ethics. His latest book is Antelopes, a modern-day Gulliver’s Travels, published Nov. 2020.

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