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Myths of the Tribe: When Religion and Ethics Diverge


KELLY D. Good Food For Thought February 23, 2020

Format : Paperback A very interesting treatise on how ethics & religion are often separated. A fascinating analysis of the history and current application of the major world religions to the ethical problems of today. Reinforced my belief that most organized religions are at the root of the worlds problems regarding military conflicts, terrorism, most types of extremism, and a general disbelief in scientific facts. Well worth the read!

Ally333 What we believe December 31, 2019

Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase
The author must have taken years to research and write this book. This is the kind of stuff you really don't learn in school. Tells about the origins of the world's major religions and how they correspond to the problems we face today, from illegal drugs to abortion and ethics in general. Absolutely fascinating reading.

Philippe M. really like this book January 26, 2020

Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase
europeans know some of the history of our many religions and their excesses.but this is a definitive exposition,very interesting to read .and enlightening.

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    David Rich was an assistant AG and law professor, retiring in his 40s to become a full-time traveler, living in almost every country on the planet while writing dozens of travel stories. Myths of the Tribe, when religion and ethics diverge (Prometheus Books 1993) examined the influence of organized religion on ethics, 2nd ed. 2019. RV the World, 2nd ed., 2018, combines his seventeen-year tour of 170 countries with lots of practical advice. In 2019 David wrote The ISIS Affair, a satire on religion and nationalism in Syria and Scribes of the Tribe. our greatest thinkers on religion and ethics. His latest book is Antelopes, a modern-day Gulliver’s Travels, published Nov. 2020.

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